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WTEE Program


WTEE offers a two-year teacher preparation culminating in a Waldorf Teacher Certification.  An individualized third-year option is available for those wishing to broaden and or deepen their preparation experience. Courses are organized over four partial days per week, from September to June. 

The Foundation Year provides the spiritual, and cognitive basis for future educators. This first year focuses on developing a deep, comprehensive understanding of the human being and the world through the work of Rudolf Steiner and other spiritual teachers. Some students who do not plan to become teachers enroll with WTEE for the sole purpose of taking the Foundation Year.

The Education Year builds on these insights and guides students in the application of the child-centered Waldorf curriculum in such a way that they can develop within themselves the capacity and the skill to find teaching methods out of their own inner resources. Full completion of the Foundation Year and the Education Year leads to certification as a Waldorf Teacher.

WTEE also offers additional community education courses in Arts and Anthroposophy, intended to enrich the experience and provide further relevant educational opportunities for WTEE students  and interested friends in the community.  If you would like to be notified about these courses, please signup on the WTEE announcement email list in the green, below.

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