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WTEE is fortunate to hold its classes at the Eugene Waldorf School (EWS), in Eugene, Oregon. On a daily basis, WTEE students interact with children, parents and teachers, gaining a real feeling for the life of a school. They pass by the office, meet staff members, use the community room and grounds, and in general, come to feel as a part of the community. All of the celebrations, plays, festivals, clean-up days, and picnics are open to the students. The close relationship between WTEE and EWS is a key strength in this program. The grade school offers a short video portrait that gives a feel of the environs.

WTEE uses classrooms in the EWS Grades Building, as well as the Great Hall (which functions as a theater and gymnasium) and the eurythmy studio. In 2005, WTEE was able to construct an art studio classroom on the grounds and deed it to EWS with the understanding that it will continue to be available to WTEE.

We use these classrooms during evenings as needed, and we in turn share our designated “adult education room” with the school when we have no classes. All in all, it is an ideal relationship and location.

Eugene Waldorf School

1350 McLean Boulevard

Eugene, Oregon 974o5

Life in Eugene

Eugene is an eclectic and growing city with vibrant people and many points of interest.  The community thrives with weekly Farmer's Markets, First Friday Art Walks and Natural Wonders and outdoor pursuits available in every direction of the city.  The University of Oregon brings people from all parts of the world and contributes to a diverse population.  It is a place where natural food stores and alternative healing practices abound. 

The Hult Center showcases the local ballet company and symphony and brings global and national entertainment to town.  The small geographic footprint of the city and the fair climate makes it a bike-able and walkable place to live, work and study. 

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