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Our Core Faculty

Jason Yates

Jason earned his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and subsequently spent several years working in the field of virtual reality before completing the Consciousness Studies program at Rudolf Steiner College.  After completing his eurythmy training, he spent two years performing eurythmy on stages throughout Europe and Asia.  In 2013, he moved to North Vancouver, BC, where he lived and worked with adults with special needs, taught in local Waldorf schools, and offered private therapeutic eurythmy sessions for adults and children.  Jason has taught in the West Coast Institute and holds an MA in therapeutic eurythmy.

Marcia Seymour

Marcia began her teaching in WTEE in 2011 after seeing a group of children through their 8 grades and co-teaching and mentoring in the Eugene Waldorf School for a number of years following.  She teaches seminars in both Foundation and Education Years, as well as sharing her talents teaching the visual arts, handwork, and recorder playing. She is the principal coordinator of the Education Year and the visual arts program for both years.   Marcia completed her Waldorf teacher training in Eugene in 2000 and continues supporting teachers in EWS.    Marcia graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1975.

Beth Daly

Beth pursued the arts and botany in higher education, attending Reed College in Portland, Burren College of Arts in Ireland, and botanical school in Colorado.  Beth has owned her own business and has been a home funeral educator, though her main devotions have been as a mother, a Waldorf early childhood educator, and to the meditative arts and storytelling.  Beth received her Waldorf Teacher Training certificate from WTEE in 2016, in addition to a certificate in Waldorf Early Childhood Therapeutic and Development Movement.  She has been teaching at the Eugene Waldorf School since 2012 along with joyfully sharing early childhood seminars with students in WTEE for the past 3 years. 

Erika Finstad

Erika completed her Waldorf training here in Eugene in 1996.  She has been teaching grades at Eugene Waldorf School ever since. Erika began teaching beginning recorder and seminars in the education year in 2009.   She is also proficient in Spacial Dynamics® which she teaches to WTEE students.  Erika brings a sunshine into all of her teaching and shares generously with WTEE  students volunteering in her classroom or completing practicums or apprenticeship with her.   Erika has an MA in education.

Wade Cavin

Wade travels from Portland several times a year to teach in both foundation and education years of WTEE.  His 'hands on' approach makes learning the math, science and book studies he teaches engaging and fruitful.   Wade did undergraduate work in Art and Biology, and worked in university labs before becoming a Waldorf teacher. Following teacher training in 2000 at the Center for Anthroposophy, he received his MA in Goethean Studies at Prescott College in 2015. Wade is presently a member of Center for Contextual Studies which presents Waldorf Teacher conferences in math and science and general developmental philosophy throughout the United States.  

Guest Faculty and Staff

Our work of teaching future Waldorf teachers involves many other people, including: 

Atta Turck - Woodwork

Helen Lubin - Artistic Speech

Ian Stearns -  Seminars

Ina Jaehnig - Seminars 

Jelena Jaehnig -  Seminars

Laurel Loughran - Office Manager

LeeAnn Ernandes - WTEE Mentor

Linda Marooney - Form Drawing

Dr. Lisa Del Alba - Seminars

Lourdes Smyth - EC Mentor

Tim Marsden - Remedial Education

Wali Via - Biodynamic Farming


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