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A Brief History of WTEE

Teacher education began in Eugene in 1990 when six individuals working in the Eugene Waldorf School, (EWS), joined forces to form the first Foundation Year. That year, twenty nine students, largely from the parent body of EWS, enrolled.  The first Teacher Education Year followed immediately. Since then, the close relationship between EWS and WTEE has remained a cornerstone in our work of serving students who have come to Eugene to prepare themselves for a vocation as Waldorf teachers.

WTEE joined the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) in its seventh year of operation and is presently a full member institute. Later, when WECAN, Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America was founded, WTEE joined as a full member.  In 2003, WTEE applied for and received the certification with SEVP, Student and Exchange Visitor Program,  to accept international students for up to three years of study.   Each year of study culminates with a certificate of completion, which is accepted throughout the United States and internationally.


WTEE was organized to meet the needs of working people, especially in the Foundation Year Studies program.  Education Year students have gradually found it more difficult to work more than 15 hours per week.  In addition to the course offerings of WTEE, there are opportunities to expand studies through WTEE Community Enrichment Courses, which include classes and workshops offered throughout the year on an alternate schedule. 

The growth and development of the program has been and is envisioned to continue to be operable within the limits of the EWS facilities, and within its principal budgetary considerations and philosophy. The wish to make this education affordable to working people with families remains from its beginning, a constant in all  decisions which impact finances.

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