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International Students

We are privileged to be able to accept international  student applicants wishing to complete Waldorf Teacher certification at WTEE.

International students seeking the M1 visa utilize the same application process as domestic students.  Applications should be sent by April preceding enrollment. 


A  modest processing fee is charged for each individual on the visa application.



I loved doing my teacher training in Eugene.  Since the first time I was there I felt at home.  WTEE helped me during my stay with international student visa and I could not be happier!

The training is just 2 years, but I ended up staying one year more.  Now that I work as a Waldorf Teacher, I am super thankful for my training.

The Foundation Year taught me a lot about knowing who I am. It was very helpful in the skills one can bring to a class. The following education  years went deeper into the curriculum.

I truly recommend this training in order to learn not only to be a great Waldorf Teacher, but also to be a better person and more appreciative of life.

Best Regards from Catalonia!



It was a journey to the soul-spirit land through art, a journey of weaving and reconnecting, of re-forming and resonating, bringing one back the balance between dream and ground. 


I am traveling afar but never feeling closer home as here. It was definitely a vital turning point of my life stream.



I was magnetically drawn to the art content throbbing at the core of Waldorf education. I believed it would be helpful at a time when I felt the need for a personal retreat. I got more than I bargained for. It was not my plan to train to become a teacher. Yet, as I immersed myself in learning the simple basics of the wide spectrum of art forms, I gradually began to appreciate the enormous potential it held for the development of very young children. I saw it as foundational for them developing a healthy sense of self, a wholesome appreciation of life, their learning capacity, their social skills, and their overall resilience. My interest in education was born. My perceptions about children shifted dramatically. The functional relationship between WTEE and Eugene Waldorf School provided me with the opportunity to experience the practical application of the many things I learned in the three years of my teacher training. Now I wish to make my contribution to the world through children, to help them experience and understand what healthy living is, as they prepare to step into a world in which ‘normal’ is changing so quickly that even mature adults find it challenging to tackle. I believe that Waldorf education can help prepare children to find their place and live productively in such a world.



Hello, my name is Andrea – read with a Spanish accent please, thank you. :)

I come from Lima, Perú in South America. From the very beginning WTEE was so welcoming, helpful and friendly. LeeAnn was ready for all my questions and after our interview over the phone we kept communicating almost daily through email for the paper work. Everything from filling the forms to asking for my US visa student was fast, easy and hassle free with her constant assistance.

Upon arrival to the States I was warmly welcomed to the community and have kept that feeling so far. The teachers are so knowledgeable and human at the same time. Celebrating different school festivals has been a joy as the school grounds turn into a magical place!

I recommend this program 100%, especially if you are an international student. It is a great adventure with lovely people.

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