Waldorf Teacher Education, Eugene, Oregon (WTEE), is a center for the study of Anthroposophy and for the preparation of Waldorf educators, K-8. WTEE offers a two year immersion style program, and an individualized third year option, which provides a firm pedagogical foundation upon which new teachers may build their future work as educators. Artistic studies, including the visual arts, eurythmy, choir, recorder, speech, drama, form drawing, handwork and woodwork, comprise half of the weekly schedule along with four seminars per week.  Education year offers 7 weeks of practicum and 125 hours of classroom volunteer time.  The immersion nature of WTEE allows for continual deepening of subjects and self-development, and a strong social bonding with fellow students and teachers.

We will begin "in person" classes this fall 2020 on September 11th, Friday, with the hope of being able to continue through the year uninterrupted, while following the Governor's requirements for spacial distancing and wearing of masks.  

WTEE is located in the midst of the Eugene Waldorf School campus,  a K-8 Waldorf school. Our students participate in the life of the school as an integral part of their educational experience. 


Please feel free to contact us for conversation.  WTEE also welcomes international students .  For information on enrollment or to download an application form, please see the Admissions page.

We wish to contribute to the renewal of cultural life and education by working out of a broad world view which recognizes the whole  human being's capacities and potential.

More than ever, the world needs self-aware people with a strong sense of purpose, concern for others and the capacity to be in service to humanity.  WTEE invites students from all nations, all ethnic and racial backgrounds, all spiritual paths and all personal orientations, who wish to study anthroposophy and/or to prepare to become a Waldorf teacher, to join us in our work and study.

Become a Waldorf Early Childhood or Grades educator in  two to three years of study and practice.

WTEE joined the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, AWSNA, in its seventh year of operation and is presently a full member institute. Our full membership with WECAN began in 2014.  WTEE is a non-sectarian, non-discriminatory organization. 


Waldorf Teacher Education, Eugene is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

WTEE is non-sectarian and non-discriminatory.


1350 McLean Blvd.

Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 514-7905 Admissions

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